Love Island SPOILER: Georgia makes BIG decision about Sam and Kieran


"Frankie admitted it's "out of his hands" and is waiting for Samira to get her phone back or arrive back home to be able to get in touch".

"We left at a point in our relationship where we were about to turn serious".

In tonight's episode we'll see Samira talking to Dani in the garden, "We've been here from the start and I finally got what I wanted and now I feel like I'm back at square one but worst".

"I just want to see him and I know this is the right thing to do". "But I think it will be better if anything".

Dropping a bombshell about taking things to the next level, the Love Island star teased: "Hopefully, if all goes well, you never know, I could be asking her to be my girlfriend pretty soon". "I haven't really thought too much into the future but there's definitely potential for that".

When Frankie was asked if his head has been turned by other women since he left the Love Island villa, he replied: "No of course not". "Bmt, I say we boycott #LoveIsIand until the release the footage of the kiss".

"What annoyed me mate is that you played a bit of a low blow saying I've been smothering her", Sam tells Kieran.

Praising Samira's bravery, he added: "Personally I think it takes a lot for someone to leave the island".

Samira gathers the Islanders around the fire pit to share her news, "So, these past couple of days I haven't been myself and I've struggled to be happy in here and have fun and I had a taste of what I've wanted and it's gone".

Proving her loyalty is to Sam, she decides to be open with Sam about what Kieran said, prompting Sam to call Kieran a "slimy card".

A source close to the show told The Mirror: "I know producers don't always show what goes on in the Hideaway, but no-one's been told why Samira and Frankie's session wasn't broadcast".

It's then time for Alexandra to pick her next boy, and she chooses Laura's Jack, which doesn't go down well with her. I have to do this for me. "I have to do this for me, I've never felt so strong".

Love Island newbie, Idris Virgo, has been accused of having a secret daughter outside of the illa by his ex, who claimed he is refusing to do a DNA test on the little girl.