Microsoft Windows Notepad update is app's first in years


After 33 years, Microsoft finally chose to fix one of Notepad's longest running problems: garbled text files from other operating systems.

Expect the full and final Windows 10 Redstone 5 version, known as 1809, to be released to everyone around October. If it goes smoothly, the update would be a positive move for the tech giant after a spate of - shall we say - less-than-smooth rollouts these past few months. Most of the changes included in today's patch for Windows 10 are aimed at enterprises and IT admins.

Find-and-replace will soon give users the option to wrap around, and will also remember your previous settings to populate a new search automatically.

Microsoft revealed in May that it would add support for extended line endings in Notepad. One common complaint from programmers working in non-Windows coding language is that Notepad doesn't format line breaks properly, resulting in jumbled, messy text. Shortcuts for Ctrl + Plus, Ctrl + Minus, and Ctrl + MouseWheel will all work to change the zoom setting. Users are still free to disable the status bar if they choose to do so. Edge users will also be able to listen to the pronunciation of the words, and more details. Microsoft said that it also improved the PDF reader performance, which should open pages more quickly as you scroll through them, as well as as the PDF toolbar, which is now easier to use.

If you've in the Fast ring of the Windows Insider program, you can download the latest build and begin playing with the new Notepad now. For those with small screens and lower resolutions, long lines that do not fit onto the screen will now be properly displayed.

Biometrics has been updated to allow for support when using Windows Hello for business.

In addition to delivering monthly quality updates, Microsoft has feature updates for Windows 10.

For users who swear by other text editors, there really are no convincing arguments as to why you would want to switch back to Notepad.