Several Hurt In Massive Gas Explosion In Sun Prairie, Wisconsin


A suburban community near Madison, Wisconsin was thrown into panic last night after contract workers struck a natural gas main and caused an explosion that set several buildings on fire.

Firefighters had arrived to investigate a gas leak in the Madison suburb of Sun Prairie when the explosion happened Tuesday evening.

Around 7 p.m., a huge explosion occurred, sending plumes of smoke high in the area. He also worked as a real estate agent. The benefit account was started by the family's church in Sun Prairie. We will keep on building on this.

Schulze said WE Energies was still working Wednesday afternoon to restore gas service to the 500 customers who were affected by the explosion.

Konopacki said the firefighters were taken to a hospital, while the officer was treated at the scene. One of those firefighters was critically hurt. The Barr House and Glass Nickel Pizza were blown up after the gas ignited, police said.

Police received a report of a gas leak around 6:21 p.m. and started to evacuate the downtown Sun Prairie area.

He said the building across from his shop 'literally lifted up'.

He said the force of the blast knocked him back in his chair and that he ran outside and saw a ball of fire.

"People were scrambling", Owen said, according to Fox 6.

Jill Thompson, 56, who lives about two blocks away, said she saw smoke immediately after the blast occurred. We felt this boom and I thought something landed on our roof, it was so loud.

The area is about half a block from the town's city hall. They said it will likely remain in place for much of the day, before residents get the "all-clear" to return to their homes. He said Barr was very proud of Sun Prairie and wanted to both preserve the city and transform it into a travel destination.