Unruly house guest bites off and swallows hostess’ nose


But when Tatiana refused and asked her to leave, Collins reportedly jumped onto her and dragged her to the ground by her hair.

A woman was arrested for biting off part of the nose of another woman and then swallowing the body part.

"I started calling my husband when I was in the ambulance", the woman said.

Collins was released on bond Monday.

According to ABC13, when the trio returned to the residence, Collins demanded more alcohol and cigarettes.

Bear in mind that she was "temporarily" staying with Tatiana's next-door neighbor, who was also with them Wednesday for their night out.

Collins is charged with misdemeanor assault inflicting bodily injury. I've seen other parts bit off.

"I don't have a nose anymore", the victim said, who wished to only be identified as Tatiana according to KTRK News. "This case here is probably the first we've had in probably four or five years, but it does happen", said Harris County Constable Mark Herman.

The victim stated that all she can remember about the incident is "the taste of blood in my mouth". "I think I was trying to fight back, but I couldn't", said Tatiana.

The 28 year-old, who does not have health insurance, has been so traumatized by the disfiguring assault that she is refusing to leave the house, saying 'It's where I feel safe'.

Tatiana's friends have set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for the surgery.

The woman was told that she will need plastic surgery to fix her nose.

Doctors urged her to go under the knife within the next two weeks to avoid further complication - but the woman is not insured.