WWE Comments on Brock Lesnar's UFC 226 Appearance


Prior to the main event, Lesnar was reported to be backstage at UFC 226 to watch the main event between Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier.

And, after Cormier had finished his post-fight interview with Rogan, the newly-crowned heavyweight champion took the microphone and proceeded to cut a pro-wrestling style "promo" as he called WWE superstar Lesnar into the octagon.

Lesnar appeared at UFC 226 and entered the Octagon to confront Daniel Cormier and announced his plans to challenge him for the UFC Heavyweight Championship. When asked about the rectitude of granting a title shot to Lesnar after inactivity and a failed test, both White and Cormier acknowledged they don't care because of the extraordinary pay-per-view revenues that would be generated.

It meant that Cormier became a two-weight world champion, and gave the former US Olympic wrestling captain the biggest moment of his sporting career. "In the stone age", Cormier yelled. "Stay broke", Cormier said of his naysayers (via MMAJunkie). White, when pressed late Saturday, revealed Lesnar re-entered the testing pool last week but repeatedly came up empty when pressed for facts regarding his eligibility. His only real advantage is size, but we've seen Cormier dominate bigger guys who present more problems than Lesnar does.

The former Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix champion grew in confidence after landing that solid combination and closed the show with a nasty short right hand on the break, which sent Miocic hurtling towards the canvas.

Cormier - who wouldn't rule out defending his light heavyweight title before facing Lesnar - told reporters there was nothing staged about their theatrics.

The fight barely over, Cormier began promoting the next.

According to UFC president Dana White, no date has been set as of yet but it's happening. "I don't know where they are in the process but he is going to pop up on the board here soon".