APK now available: Wait for Fortnite ends on Android unofficially


"There is some concern that by circumventing Google Play, Epic may potentially make it more challenging for users to install "Fortnite" on devices running older Android versions, where side loading of apps isn't as straightforward as in more recent releases", he said.

Samsung gained exclusive rights to the Android version of Fortnite for its phones and tablets for three days, with the game having released last week during the Galaxy Note 9 launch event.

Conduct a search for Fortnite in Google's app store and you'll be greeted by a message that reads "Fortnite Battle Royale by Epic Games, Inc is not available on Google Play".

Fortnite is finally on Android, and it caused a huge fuss (over nothing) about supposed security risks that it would expose users to. "You should look carefully at the source of software you're installing, and only install software from sources you trust".

"Competition among services gives consumers lots of great choices and enables the best to succeed based on merit".

As a result, in a first, Google is warning users on the Play Store that the app is "not available" for download.

While the App Store allows users to only download an app, Android users have the option of downloading APKs (Android Package Kits) and other external files from anywhere on the internet. The wait list is a way for the company to control how many people are playing the game while they finish removing bugs. "We expect this to have some impact on downloads of the game, but not to a large enough degree as to affect its revenue potential in the long run".

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