Bees besiege Times Square hot dog stand in New York's tourist precinct


The bee puns kept flying in from the NYPD, with the Time Square precinct emphasizing that this wasn't the first time that a bee swarm invaded the area.

Bees are dying off, so some bee lovers were naturally alarmed today when video emerged of the New York Police Department vacuuming up thousands of bees that had descended upon a hot dog stand in Times Square.

NYPD Sgt. Sheldo said at the scene that "a bunch" of the flying insects were initially spotted "swarming" around the pedestrian plaza at nearby Military Island.

He deployed a vacuum cleaner-like device to collect the bees unharmed, said New York Police Detective Sophia Mason.

It took Lauriano 45 minutes to carefully vacuum the bees. "We like to keep the families together".

"We've got to determine [where to take them], but definitely in a hive", Lauriano said.

Look at all the bees.

"It's called a bee-vac", the account tweeted, before promising that the bees would be relocated to another hive. It's unknown whether any bees were harmed during the incident.

"I wish I had a phone right now - this is too cool", Beech said.

About 25,000 bees landed on the top of a hot dog stand in Times Square around 2 p.m., attracting onlookers from the street, the Associated Press reports.

"You can't go against nature", he said.