Demi Lovato to leave hospital this week


Following Demi Lovato's overdose, the star is set to be leaving hospital this week but friends have urged her to leave show business behind in order to save her life.

Jackson was hospitalized in 2013 following a suicide attempt, and in an interview with Rolling Stone a year ago, she admitted to suffering from depression and trying to take her own life on multiple occasions.

She had shared a tweet that suggested Paris had been encouraged to seek treatment once again by Tell Me You Love Me singer Demi's relapse and penned over it: 'ummm no??

"I was insane. I was actually insane".

Lovato was reportedly hospitalized for an overdose on July 24. And I was also dealing with my depression and my anxiety without any help'.

Paris Jackson has slammed reports that she is returning to rehab following Demi Lovato's apparent overdose.

Some of Demi's team have threatened to quit if she doesn't seek help, telling the site, "She could die if she doesn't, and that's not going to be on my watch that we did nothing".

Demi is reportedly doing much much after suffering from extreme nausea and a high fever and is now discussing rehab.

According to TMZ, sources with first-hand knowledge have said Lovato has "stabilised from her overdose", and that the plan now is to "get her out of the hospital this week". It won't work. It's too soon to say what the next steps are in terms of treatment.

"Demi has been in the hospital for over a week because she needed to be monitored by a medical professional", the source says. But if she wants to survive, she needs to get out of this business, ' they said.