Donald Trump meets Federation Internationale de Football Association president Gianni Infantino at White House


United States President Donald Trump met with the leaders of FIFA and the U.S. Soccer Federation in the Oval Office on Tuesday.

Yep, even if Trump wins his second term, he'll only be in office until 2024, but his influence may still be felt even then, despite the fact that he assured Infantino earlier that the USA government would welcome fans, athletes and officials "without discrimination".

Infantino joked that Trump might find the cards useful when dealing with the press, a comment the republican appeared to enjoy.

"Soccer is a game, I guess you call it football", Trump added.

"We're going to have a great partnership and it's going to be very special, I look forward to it".

One of the gifts Trump received from Infantino was a yellow card and red card. Trump immediately gestured toward the media with the card. "And it's a very special event, I think it's probably, certainly one of the biggest and maybe the biggest sporting event in the world and soccer's come such a long way". I'm not sure, we'll see.

Donald Trump learned what a red card was for on Tuesday. and POTUS waited about 2 seconds to use it on the White House reporters!

"Let's see, in 2026 I won't be here [as President]".

Trump meanwhile noted that he would be out of office by the time the 48-team tournament arrived in North America. Maybe they'll extend the term, ' the president said, referencing the 22nd Amendment, ' he said. "If they don't extend the term, the media is going to be very boring, they'll all be out of business I guess".