'Immense tragedy': Motorway bridge collapses in Genoa, Italy


A motorway bridge collapsed on Tuesday (Aug 14) over the northern Italian port city of Genoa in what the transport minister said was likely to be "an huge tragedy".

Adnkronos news agency reports the head of the local ambulance service as saying there are "dozens of dead".

"I'm following with great apprehension what has happened in Genoa, which appears to be an enormous tragedy", Toninelli said on Twitter.

The bridge was built on the A10 toll motorway in the 1960s and was restructured in 2016.

Emergency responders are on the scene, but there are no details yet on whether there are casualties. When part of the bridge collapsed, debris crashed into apartment buildings located immediately below.

Video captured the sound of a man screaming: "Oh god, oh, god".

An ambulance official said the service could only confirm two injured people so far, 'but we suppose there are unfortunately a lot of dead'. Other images showed a green truck that had stopped on the bridge just metres short of the gaping hole in the bridge.

Images show the bridge - which sits above an industrial site - with a large centre piece missing.

The Morandi Bridge was inaugurated in 1967.

National news agency ANSA said that authorities suspected that a structural weakness caused the collapse on Tuesday.