'Jeopardy's' Alex Trebek contemplates retirement and names potential successors


"It wouldn't be a big hardship for Johnny Gilbert say, 'and now, here's the host of Jeopardy, Alex Not Trebek..." He suggested two potential new hosts.

Faust responded to the mention on Twitter: "I guess there are worse ways to randomly see your name show up on TMZ!". Faust took over for Bob Miller, who called Kings games on television for 3,351 games over 44 years before a series of health problems forced him to retire, as lead play-by-play announcer on FOX Sports West and Prime Ticket. The host, known for his wit and fast-paced delivery, underwent brain surgery in December for blood clots linked to a fall.

The 78-year-old Canadian has hosted the game show since it was revived in 1984, a generation and a half of trivial pursuers can't imagine anyone else hiding the secret of the Daily Double.

"He's young, he's attractive, his first name is Alex", Trebek said.

Another suggestion was Laura Coates, an attorney and the legal voice for CNN.

"Some of you may have heard that during the holiday break I had a slight medical problem", Trebek said in a video posted by the official Jeopardy!

At least this heads up gives avid Jeopardy! fans time to cope with the news should he choose to exit the show after 36 years.

Jeopardy went on hiatus after Trebek underwent brain surgery late previous year.

Coates wrote that she grew up watching the show with her family and still tunes in with her kids, who now think she's a "genius" thanks to Trebek's comment.