Limit time outside because of unhealthy air quality


"We look to see a gradual decrease from this point forward", he said. "We pretty much maxed out here (Tuesday)".

A push of marine air into the Puget Sound area on Wednesday evening and into Thursday is expected to clear out some of the smoky haze from wildfires to the north.

Day has turned to night in Edmonton and many parts of Alberta as smoke from forest fires in British Columbia continues to roll into the province. The green dots in the Tri-City area are for ozone levels and the red dot is for smoke.

At 12:27 pm today (Tuesday, August 14), the National Weather Service issued an Air Quality Advisory, which is in effect until noon tomorrow (Wednesday, August 15).

A value of 50 or below represents good air quality with little potential to affect even those with respiratory conditions, while a value over 300 represents hazardous air quality and is likely to affect even healthy individuals.

The Southwest Clean Air Agency's advisory listed several other suggestions to those living under smoky conditions. Their advice? The air sucks right now, as you can probably tell by looking out your window. But most of the region was "unhealthy for sensitive groups". "If you can be indoors where you get some filtered air, that's what you want to do".

"It's just kind of something you half-imagine through the smoke", he said.

And it's unclear when the smoke might leave the region.

"The wildfire season is definitely not done", Wineke said.

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality gave its Air Quality Index a major overhaul after heavy use during last year's intense wildfires caused the site to crash multiple times.