Michael Moore Calls Trump the Last POTUS in ‘Fahrenheit 11/9’ Documentary


"We're going to bring Trump down". HuffPost also premiered a trailer for Fahrenheit 11/9, which drops on September 21.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the last president of the United States", Moore narrates over footage of Trump, in a trailer released by HuffPost on Thursday.

Speaking to RTÉ Entertainment in 2016 on the eve of the release of his last film Where to Invade Next Moore advised Irish people to ridicule Trump on a planned but subsequently cancelled visit to Ireland.

There's even a moment where Moore decides to spray down a governor's home with contaminated water from Flint, Michigan, which is now over 1,300 days without clean water. It's in theaters September 21. The title is a reference to the day that he won the election. Conservatives won't watch it (unless they convince themselves to hate-watch it to somehow "own the libs") and liberals may be too exhausted with the onslaught of political news to give it much thought.

14 years after its release, Fahrenheit 9/11 is still the highest grossing documentary of all time, having taken $222m worldwide.

It's the latest offering from Moore aimed directly at the effect of Trump following on from his filmed one-man talk Michael Moore in TrumpLand and his Broadway show The Terms of My Surrender. The Weinstein Company committed $6 million to make the film, but pulled funding in the wake of Harvey Weinstein's sex crimes scandal.

The documentary will premiere at this year's Toronto film festival before a United States release on 21 September.

Asked if the film provides a "glimmer of hope", Moore shot back, "Fuck hope". We don't need hope.

"If nothing else, I hope this film exposes that grave danger and shows people the way out", Moore said. Hope, and the passivity that comes with it, is what helped get us here to begin with".