Mom says Denver boy killed himself after being bullied at school


A Colorado mother says her 9-year-old son took his life last week because of anti-gay bullying from his classmates.

Hoping to get the same support from his peers, Jamel went to school ready to share.

Pierce also wrote in a post: "My son died because of being bullied please tell ur kids to love everyone we all need to love each other".

'He was like, "Mom I'm gay".

The boy's bereft mother, Leia Pierce, told KDVR-TV that nine-year-old Myles had confided in her during the summer break, telling her he was gay and that he would prefer to wear girls' clothes.

Jamel Myles had only just started at a new school days before taking his own life.

Weeks before school, Jamal had the courage to tell his mom he was gay.

He endured four days of bullying before dying.

"He looked so scared when he told me", she said. She alleges the reaction was a brutal one, saying Jamel told his older sister that some kids urged him to kill himself, something Pierce says she only learned about after his death. I could just imagine what they said to him.

A Denver mom wants to shine a light on bullying and suicide after the tragic death of her son this week after she says she found her son killed himself in their home on Thursday.

The heartbroken mother now wants to raise awareness about the effects of bullying at schools and the devastating cost it can have for families. And I said, "I still love you"'.

"We should have accountability for bullying", she said.

Leia Pierce's son, 9-year-old Jamel Myles, started fourth grade August 20 at Denver's Joe Shoemaker School.

The Denver Police Department is investigating the death. "My baby killed himself".

The school system sent letters to families on Friday about the additional counselling services for students, according to local media.

She has called for parents of children that bully to be held accountable.

Denver Public School said extra social workers and its crisis team would be available for students.

She said: 'I'm so upset that he thought that was his option. Because the child knows it's wrong.

For those experiencing depressions or suicidal thoughts, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline can be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 800-273-8255. When calling Colorado Crisis Services, you will be connected to a crisis counselor or trained professional with a master's or doctoral degree.