Omarosa: Trump has ‘done nothing’ to stem Chicago violence


Omarosa Manigault Newman has released secret recordings of her conversations with Donald Trump and his chief of staff, John Kelly, which have made worldwide headlines but have also left lingering questions.

The first tape, which Manigault Newman released during an interview with NBC's Meet the Press on Sunday, reveals Kelly firing her in a conversation that she claims turned threatening. According to the New York Daily News, Mangigault-Newman, in one section of the book, writes that Trump called his son a "f*ck-up" for publicly posting the emails he exchanged with Rob Goldstone.

"It sounded as if he used it every day", Manigault Newman said.

The Trump campaign has been paying McEntee about $14,000 per month he left the White House in March over what sources said were "issue with his security clearance".

Lotter said he had a "fine relationship" with Manigault Newman during her tenure at the White House, and said he isn't aware of any recordings of the Vice President.

A number of former Trump aides - including two who served in sensitive positions in the White House - have been paid roughly $15,000 per month by either the Trump campaign, the Republican National Committee or America First PAC, a political action committee dedicated to Trump's re-election for various services described only briefly in filings.

In response to Unhinged, Trump called Manigault Newman a "lowlife".

Manigault Newman - who has been promoting her new memoir, "Unhinged", in advance of its release Tuesday - said during an interview on MSNBC's "Velshi & Ruhle" that White House officials "were talking about early on doing something to help combat the violence in Chicago that we have seen rise to levels that are just unacceptable".

Omarosa also had a bridal "going away" party before her wedding with none other than aides close to the president.

"People in the White House hated her", Trump wrote. She originally meant to get married in Jacksonville in March 2017, but changed her plans after facing death threats.

She also told NBC's Today programme that she has "multiple tapes" which are yet to be released.

But the campaign official said the onetime Trump booster, now the president's sworn enemy, had already signed a almost identical one a year and a half earlier.

"...really bad things", he continued in a second tweet.

But the 2016 NDA didn't yet include future Vice President Mike Pence and his family members under the non-disparagement umbrella, the campaign official said, so she was given an updated version to sign. Since then, the mission of the Situation Room has been to provide up-to-date intelligence and crisis support to the National Security Council and the president. She said "the very idea" that an employee would secretly record inside the Situation Room "shows a blatant disregard for our national security".

Trump is known for making even low-level workers at the Trump Organization, his 2016 campaign, and his presidential transition agree to sweeping NDAs.