Romania: Violent protest leaves 440 needing medical treatment


Tens of thousands showed up for the rally, which called on Romanians living overseas to return home to protest what they say is a corrupt government.

A group of protesters tried to break into the government building in Bucharest, but were held back by the police security cordon.

During anti-government protests in the Romanian capital between protesters and police clashed, police used tear gas, reports the with reference to news N.

President Iohannis posted on Facebook to say he strongly condemns the violent tactics of police intervention at the protests over the weekend. More than 450 people, including 30 police, were hurt and around 30 arrested.

Centrist Romanian President Klaus Iohannis condemned the police's disproportionate use of force.

In early 2017, Romanian protesters took to the streets in response to a decree that loosened corruption laws.

An estimated 3 million Romanians live overseas, and some say they left because of corruption, low wages and a lack of opportunities.

Isabela Conduruta, a 45-year-old Romanian who's worked as a cleaner for 12 years in Germany, explained why she joined Saturday's protest.

An estimated three to five million Romanians work and live overseas, the World Bank has said, up to a quarter of the state's population, taking roles ranging from day labourers to doctors.

The money provides a lifeline for rural communities in one of the EU's least developed countries.

"Unfortunately, it is still not possible, the. people who govern us are not qualified and they are corrupt". Those changes made it through parliament but are now being challenged in the country's constitutional court.

Around 150,000 protesters gathered in Bucharest after the Social Democrats took power past year following the government passing a decree to decriminalise several corruption offences.

"Romania is one of the poorest and most corrupt countries in Europe and it's been that way for years", NPR's Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson wrote in 2014.

Some politicians from the ruling coalition derided the rally, saying they did not understand why the diaspora would protest.

"Almost all of the public sector is malfunctioning, it must be changed completely and replaced with capable people", said Podut. Hundreds of people — some carrying Romanian flags — started gathering around a central square in Bucharest for a second day of protest, with the crowd expected to grow as the evening progresses.

Thousands of Romanians joined an anti-government rally in the capital Bucharest, Romania, on August 10, 2018.