Tim Scott Praises Trump's Steps in a 'Better Direction' Since Charlottesville


A year after the deadly "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Va., white nationalist groups are treading cautiously into the anniversary weekend.

Counterprotester Heather Heyer died and more than a dozen others were injured at last year's event after a white supremacist drove a vehicle into several people.

Just over an hour before the rally was scheduled to begin, a police escort helped guide as many as 30 demonstrators for the white supremacist rally to the area in front of the White House planned for their event - a group that was dwarfed by the nearby counter-protestors in size and volume.

Scott, one of the nation's most prominent Black Republicans, was troubled by Trump's statements and met with president in September 2017.

Forty-five percent of Americans also said they feel Trump treats all races the same, while 51 percent believe he puts the interests of white Americans over those of racial minorities.

President Donald Trump was roundly condemned a year ago for saying there was "blame on both sides" for the violence, condemning the anti-fascists who came "with clubs in their hands". "It wasn't both sides". Fields was charged with second-degree murder while Troy Dunigan who was 21 years old at the time was charged with disorderly conduct, Jacob Smith with misdemeanour assault and James O'Brien was charged with carrying a concealed weapon. Even some celebrities have responded to Ivanka's tweets, with actress Mia Farrow arguing that Donald Trump's comments about the KKK were among the ugliest displays of racism that day.

Constance Young, who survived the auto attack at Charlottesburg, was among those who addressed the assembled counterprotesters.

"We celebrate the success of this economy without any question".

The event's organiser, Jason Kessler, blamed law enforcement at last year's Charlottesville rally for the low turnout.

The tweet was on the eve of the August 12 anniversary.

Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential nominee in 2012 who is now running for Senate in Utah, took Trump to task on Friday for his comments past year. "They were attacked. And when they fought back, they were overly prosecuted".

Today, as the "Unite the Right 2" rally occurred in Washington on the anniversary of Charlottesville, hundreds of demonstrators also gathered in Charlottesville to honor Heyer and once again denounce racism.

Kessler had previously estimated 400 people would attend the event, which was described as a "white civil rights rally".

In agreement with Mia Farrow, other Twitter users pointed out that Ivanka does not have the moral high ground to express condemnation for white supremacy, given her father's evident reluctance to disavow white nationalism.