Topher Grace Talks About Dating Ivanka Trump


"I met her here in NY and we went on a couple of dates", he added.

"Uh... I did", he reluctantly told the reporter, admitting to the relationship with Ivanka.

Ivanka Trump closed her clothing company recently, and indicated her passion for politics was one of the major reasons for this decision. Grace's comments on dating Ivanka Trump make it clear that he feels pretty awkward about it.

Topher reportedly went to Ivanka's 25th birthday party in Las Vegas as her date, People Magazine claimed. Sometimes I nearly feel sorry for Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump's husband, and I can imagine that before she married him in 2009, a lot of people might have been put off dating her because they feared that they'd be unable to meet the high expectations of her billionaire father.

Grace also noted that he "never met her father". I wouldn't say that we 'dated, ' but... "We met through mutual friends", she dished to NY magazine of Kushner in 2009 according to The Daily Beast.

"When we first started this brand, no one could have predicted the success that we would achieve", the statement read.

Kushner is now a senior adviser to Trump.

Grace also suggested that BlacKkKlansman is pertinent to today's politics. Grace began dating Ashley Hinshaw in 2014 and married her in 2016.

BlacKkKlansman, in theaters now, is based on the surreal true story of Ron Stallworth (John David Washington), the first African-American police officer in Colorado Springs, Colorado, who successfully infiltrated the KKK.

Topher Grace had a rather unusual way of winding down after playing the role of Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke in "BlacKkKlansman".