Turkey FM: Military solution in Syria's idlib 'will cause catastrophe'


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime still holds Idlib's southeastern tip and he has set his sights on retaking control of the region, which borders Turkey, calling this one of his priorities. This was referring to the four sources according to Bloomberg. Assad's army, with Russian air support, has been mustering troops and tanks around Idlib, the last stronghold of Syrian opposition groups now dominated by jihadists.

Russia's Defense Ministry says that militants in a rebel-controlled province of Syria are preparing a chemical weapons attack. Bolton said any U.S. action will be stronger this time, the people familiar with the talks said. The meeting was also attended by Lavrov, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Special Presidential Representative for the Syrian Settlement Alexander Lavrentyev. "When things don't turn out the way the U.S. and its allies want, then new provocations are prepared".

The south of Syria, where Assad forces have taken control from the rebel through intense fighting, was also a "de-escalation" zone agreed upon a year ago by the US, Russia and Jordan.

"The fact that the western states do not want to participate in [these efforts] once again proves that they have other goals [which are] to further destabilize Syria, not shunning any tools and continue seeking new pretexts for raising the issue of regime change, the transfer of power in Damascus".

He also said Russian Federation views the American demands to reduce Iran's role across the region as "out of touch with reality" and warned that forcing the issue could further destabilize the region.

"A solution by force in Idlib would undermine the trust between Russian Federation and Turkey as well as the trust of the cease-fire participants".

The US and Russian Federation are nowhere near an agreement on how that could be brought about, according to one of the people familiar with the talks.

"We regard such a distorted statement of the contents of conversation of heads of foreign policy departments of Russian Federation and the United States as Washington's attempt to use bilateral dialogue on the subject of the Syrian conflict to advance its own political agenda as in Syria and, more broadly, in the framework of the OPCW", - said Zakharov. Idlib is one of the four areas under rebel control which were designated as de-escalation zones past year.

If the radical groups could be persuaded to leave Idlib under a deal with Syria, Turkey would face a thinner wave of migration toward its border, said Uzgel. "We can not compete with the United States in the economic sphere because we are in different weight categories", he said. The evidence "shows the opposite-Washington's desire to stay in Syria for a longer period of time, " he said. No agreement was reached on the conditions under which that could happen, they said.

Trump pulled the U.S. out of that accord in May, saying it had failed to effectively deter Iran from pursuing nuclear capabilities or meddling in the region.