Amazon could drop 8 new Alexa-powered devices, including a microwave


Smart speakers, smart displays and smart buttons - Amazon's ambitions for its Alexa voice assistant have been growing, but it's only built a few narrow categories of Alexa products itself.

Amazon is about to add its popular voice assistant Alexa to more than half a dozen new products - devices that range from a microwave oven to an in-car gadget, all of which will reportedly be unveiled at a company event later this month. Other planned devices include audio components, like an amplifier and receiver.

If these new devices are launched, it would be Amazon's first foray into the home appliances market, and will place it in direct competition with the likes of Sonos, GE and Garmin who already offer Alexa-enabled products for the home and auto.

The breadth of devices in which Alexa can be found has been expanding, be it through third-party devices such as the Sonos Beam soundbar, or Amazon's own Fire TV Cube. "We're already pushing beyond that vision", Rausch told IFA attendees during a September 1 keynote.

The report arrives via CNBC who says they've learned of the new devices, as well as an upcoming event, thanks to details in internal documents.

The new lineup will also pit Amazon against other companies that make Alexa-powered devices.

However, as The Verge points out, the CNBC report doesn't mention if the new devices will be Echo branded or not, leaving room for Amazon to work on making Alexa a brand name. "Now it is one of the most popular voice assistants, leading the growth of the burgeoning smart speaker market, which is expected to be worth $30 billion by 2024, according to Global Market Insights". This is Amazon preparing to push into all of your home electronics and appliances.

Speaking of the home appliance market, we should note this is not Amazon's first involvement with that market, not by a long shot. Sonos has a similar business model.

Amazon's smart speaker is available in two versions - the full sized $180 (£145) Echo shown here, and a smaller, $50 (£40) version called the Echo Dot.

Alexa is already linked up with several devices in the smart home market, ranging from voice-controlled thermostats, coffee makers, light bulbs and many more items.

'We want customers to be able to use Alexa wherever they are, ' Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said in the firm's most recent earnings report.

Amazon doesn't disclose sales numbers for the Echo, but has previously said "tens of millions" of Alexa-enabled devices sold worldwide.