Amazon unveils 70 new devices and features in surprise announcement


Amazon Alexa voice assistant on Portal will let users get weather updates, watch videos, play music, and see recipes.

In the Amazon Echo home speakers' range, Amazon has brought about some improvements in the entry-level device, the Echo Dot and the new one, the company claims is 70% louder the previous version.

Also, there's a Zigbee smart home hub integration using which users can say "Alexa discover my devices" phrase and the Plus will automatically discover and setup compatible lights and plugs, nearby. Those addicted to the tech used for their needs either the Alexa app installed on their smartphones or via the integrated service provided by a very limited number of auto manufacturers. While this is significantly cheaper than expected, it still puts it above the Echo Show, which costs just $230 even with the refresh Amazon announced yesterday.

Alexa is even developing a personality, complete with a favorite pet or beer. It has also learned to understand whispers.

In a world with digital assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, it was only a matter of time before these types of functions made their way into automobiles. At present, Alexa has more than 20,000 skills developed by third-party developers and according to reports, in the US alone, Alexa has more than 30,000 skills.

For Alexa to work on the new Echo, the smartphone app is still needed, as the system uses the existing phone plan to access music, navigation or calling.

Echo Auto ($24.99) is a new way to add Alexa functionality to your vehicle. Amazon has improved Echo dot by redesigning it. Thankfully, Amazon has now added a way to build a proper Echo-based sound system, that won't actually sound half bad.

"We are really at a tipping point for the smart home", Limp said. The partnership with Microsoft is not the first as Amazon had previously partnered the former in previous times.

Alexa Guard can send you alerts with audio clips when specific sounds are detected, for instance, and you can choose to forward those alerts to your security provider.

Presently, that camera will accompany a privacy shutter: no compelling reason to tape over it when it's not being used any longer.

He said momentum around the gadgets was "incredible", adding that the number of smart home products available was now more than 20,000.

Amazon wants the most basic of tasks to be controlled by voice, from microwaving potatoes to switching up the music in the auto.