Apple iPhone XS Max - Hands On


You can find more information about Apple's iPhone keynote 2018, including information about the Apple Watch Series 4, in the stories below.

iPhone 8 64GB which was earlier priced at Rs 67,940 is now available at a lower price of Rs 59,900.

Today, we are compiling all the details of the new iPhone devices that have been launched. It is worth noting that Apple has reportedly discontinued select handsets including iPhone X, iPhone 6S and iPhone SE in the US.

Best yet, the aluminum-and-glass iPhone XR shows its colorful personality, coming in blue, yellow, coral and red (through Project Red), in addition to buttoned-up white and black.

More and more smartphones feature edge-to-edge screen designs that get rid of the physical button, relying instead on gesture-based controls to navigate. The iPhone XS Max becomes the modern OLED successor to Apple's "Plus" models, although in this case it includes all of the same features of its smaller sibling, merely expanding the screen to a 6.5-inch diagonal, in the same general physical dimensions of an iPhone 8 Plus. A single 12-megapixel camera resides on the back. You can't zoom in as much, though, and you have fewer portrait lighting effects. It has the same upgraded technology as the iPhone XS phones, and you can take Bokeh portrait shots with the help of software.

Storage options: You have storage options of 64GB, 128GB and 256GB.

Unlike the U.S. market, where the iPhone X was entirely discontinued, the Indian variant of the iPhone X will also get a price cut like its older siblings. We sure as hell didn't.

An iOS 12 mobile operating system that will power new iPhones unveiled on Wednesday, and be pushed out as an update to prior models, has new features to reduce how much they distract people from the real world. Build it, and they will come: and pay for it too.