Apple's next iPad Pro might ditch Lightning for USB-C


In 2014 Apple launched its first bigger iPhone, the 6 series by the name of Plus and maybe the company want to erase that connection.

However, besides those two wonderful phones, Apple kept its focus on a budget device, and we are happy to hear about it. The 6.1-inch iPhone would also have the edge-to-edge screen and Face ID, the face-detecting security feature that replaces a fingerprint sensor.

Apple's 6.1-inch LCD variant of the iPhone could be called the iPhone Xr, according to a Bloomberg report.

That price is for sure reserved for the baseline model with the smallest amount of storage which means that the price did not reach everybody's expectations. Several rumours have been pointing to a dual-SIM model, however, it is still unclear as to which of Apple's new devices will be the one to include this feature. What remains to be seen is whether facial recognition can work as well on a tablet with its multiple orientations as it does on the iPhone X, which is primarily used when held in portrait orientation in the hand.

The most concrete evidence of dual-SIM support coming to the iPhone appeared in the references of iOS 12 beta where there are mentions of "second SIM status" and a "second SIM tray status". The leak does not reveal if the phone would be based on the iPhone X concept, therefore there is no confirmation on the screen notch.

'Dear Slay Queen, I swear, sex alone can't get you one. This device is likely to be called the iPhone Xs, which would follow Apple's naming approach for new iPhones that look like the previous models but add new bells and whistles. OR Apple may just do what they usually do, and release the iPad Pro at their next event, and leave this event relegated to iPhone and Apple Watch.

We're expecting the flagship iPhone X Plus (or Max) to cost somewhere in the region of £100, which proved annoying to some people. And lastly, the 6.1-inch iPhone or iPhone XC is tipped to be priced $860, which is roughly around Rs 62,000. Nearly $10bn (£7.7bn) worth of Apple shares are now out on loan after a recent increase in shorting, according to data from.

It makes sense considering that specific handset will allegedly come in different colours, much like the iPhone 5C a few years ago.