'Cosby' star accepts Tyler Perry's job offer


Tyler Perry even tweeted that he was offering Owens a role on one of his OWN shows. ET sat down with Owens this week, where the actor expressed his gratitude and thanked Perry for the offer. There's no official word yet, but Owens will reportedly star in a recurring, 10-episode role on the show. He's going to be around the show for ten episodes, which is a pretty meaty gig that will bring a lot more attention to his ability as an actor.

Former Cosby Show actor Geoffrey Owens, who was famously "job shamed" after being photographed working at a Trader Joe's, has a new gig, TMZ is reporting.

"What I hope continues to resonate is the idea that one job is not better than another", Owens said earlier this week. "Anybody who can say that, for instance, about Senator McCain - I don't respect his opinion about these matters either". "The measure of a true artist".

Owens played Elvin Tibideaux, Bill Cosby's character's son-in-law, for seven years before the show ended in 1992.

Minaj also called out Karma Lawrence, the woman who took Owens' photo at a Trader Joe's in New Jersey where he was bagging groceries. But he stressed that "every job is worthwhile and valuable", adding that what's important is the honor of the working person and the dignity of the work.

"When I quit, the guys at the store said, you know, 'Don't quit, let's keep it open, let's have it like an indefinite leave of absence, '" he shared. I mean, that kind of sounded like he was saying, 'Come work with me.' I'm so, like, skeptical. "I wanted a job that had some flexibility, so that if I did stay in (the) entertainment industry, if I could continue to audition and do jobs if I could, and Trader Joe's provided that".

CNN has reached out to reps for Owens. And we'll see what happens with that.

Owens said he was initially embarrassed about his picture hitting the web, but later grew proud thanks to the outpouring of support from fans and artistic peers.