Dad Gets Toddler to Climb Inside Prize Machine, Steal Nintendo Consoles


Police are hunting a man filmed encouraging a child to climb inside a games machine to steal toys from it.

The footage was shared on the Facebook account of the Salem NH Police Department, which asked help in identifying the man.

After getting the little girl out the game, the man left the area with the children and the stolen items.

Once the toddler wriggled her body inside the machine, she handed over a few items to the suspect, police said.

A young girl then pops her head out of the opening of the machine and climbs out.

Several witnesses filmed the man at The Mall at Rockingham Park in Salem on Friday night as he appeared to be shoving his daughter into the prize-dispensing slot of the Key Master machine.

Salem police are encouraging people who have information that may lead to the suspect's capture to reach out to the department via Facebook or call Detective Joshua Dempsey at 603-890-2343. Forese had been alerted to the theft by a couple of customers who came to the restaurant while saying "That's so unsafe".

She says the man made off with "multiple prizes", among them a Nintendo Switch and "Gameboy DS" (going to guess that's a 3DS).

The suspect is described as 20 to 30 years old, wearing a black Sig Sauer baseball cap, a blue T-Shirt and black shorts with an Under Armor belt.

Police said a young boy accompanying the suspect was between between five and seven years old.