'DUCHA--': Meghan Markle’s sister slams her for acting ‘fake’


In her latest Twitter rant, the duchess's older half-sister, Samantha Grant, labeled Markle a "DuchA**" over her treatment of their father, Thomas Markle, according to the Evening Standard.

Samantha went on to address the fact that none of Meghan's family members, except her mother Doria, were invited to her wedding and the newlyweds still haven't visited the former actress' father, Thomas Markle, in his Mexican home.

Taking to Twitter, Ms Markle wrote: "I am not candy coating anything anymore!" The DUCHA- should be humane to our father who has given her everything ... and this media crap can stop!

She further added, "He was the one who was always there for her. Fake waves and smiles can stop. The ducha** can bow to the daddy".

They watched the wedding together and hope to one day welcome Meghan and her husband, Prince Harry, to Georgia.

Mr. Markle said the royals were freezing him out of his daughter's life over his staged paparazzi pictures and controversial interview with "Good Morning Britain".

Samantha's July tweets come after Thomas Markle spoke to the press, revealing what he wished he could have said at his daughter's wedding, which he contends he was not invited to, as reported by the Daily Mail.

"Meghan's penchant for backseat driving is seen in her constant touching of Harry's back with the palm of her hand".

She had holidayed there every year until her death, and now Charles - who was very close to his grandmother - spends summer there with Camilla every year. "He has the right to speak and if she doesn't like it it's just too f-king bad". "There's a high price to pay to be married to that family".

Kensington Palace has not yet commented.

Last week, the handsome Meghan Markle attended a gala event with her husband, Prince Harry.