Flood victims get food and water; rain spreads to Northeast


North Carolina's governor on Monday called Florence an "epic storm" and warned that some parts of his state "have not seen the worst flooding yet".

Officials were preparing to distribute food, water and tarpaulins in the city of 120,000, as more people were rescued from flooded neighborhoods. "Please don't make yourself someone who needs to be rescued", he said even as rains stopped in several places after Florence moved on and the tired residents got a brief glimpse of sunshine on Monday.

The Japanese city of Sapporo has pulled out of the bidding to host the 2026 Winter Olympics after the quake in Hokkaido, the International Olympic Committee said on Monday, adding that the city would focus on bidding for the 2030 Games. One person was killed in Virginia by an apparent tornado whipped up by Florence, and six were killed in SC.

New Hanover County Commission chairman Woody White said: "Do not come here". The flooding could presist for several weeks in some areas.

The death toll rose Monday when search and rescue teams in North Carolina discovered the body of 1-year-old Kaiden Lee-Welch, who "was swept away in rushing waters from Richardson Creek", according to the Union County Sheriff's Office. The National Weather Service says more than 4 inches (10 centimeters) of rain had fallen by Tuesday morning from the Elmira area to counties in southeastern NY.

As of today, 356 primary roads are closed in North Carolina, up from 108 on Sunday, said Secretary of Transportation Jim Trogdon. They placed an order and left without having to get out. An olive-green military forklift moved around huge pallets loaded with supplies. Roads are being cleared and the landfill is open to accept storm refuse.

Prior to Kaiden's death, the North Carolina Department of Public Safety issued a breakdown of 16 storm-related fatalities by county, and Gov. Roy Cooper confirmed the updated tally of 17 during a news conference on Monday.

Items have been brought into the city by big military trucks and helicopters, which also have been used to pluck hundreds of desperate people from atop homes and other structures.

At least 17 deaths were reported in North and SC.

The flow of traffic Monday from North Carolina into SC was considerably less than it normally would be because large portions of I-95 in the Tar Heel State were closed due to flooding.

The storm has set rainfall records in several locations in North Carolina, including Swansboro, with a whopping 34 inches, Hoffman Forest with 29.48 inches and Sunny Point with 27.44 inches.