Kavanaugh Protesters Pepper Sen. Collins With 'Vulgar' Threats


If Collins decides to vote no on Kavanaugh's confirmation, none of the 36,313 pledges will be charged to the credit or debit cards used to donate to the cause, and all of the money will be returned to the accounts who donated. Susan Collins, R-Maine, and Sen.

"I look forward to voting for him", Tennessee Republican Lamar Alexander said in a statement late last week. Susan Collins to oppose the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

"I consider this quid pro quo fundraising to be the equivalent of an attempt to bribe me to vote against Judge Kavanaugh", Sen.

Aides for Collins have provided details of the anti-Kavanaugh calls and voicemails to the senator's office in multiple reports and on social media, The Hill reported. She hasn't indicated how she might vote.

As well as his views on abortion, many people are also concerned about Mr Kavanaugh's desire to abolish gun control legislation and unravel the Affordable Care Act. "They have structured the campaign in a way that the action they will do if she does what she wants is that they will refund the money but that seems to be a fictional distinction". And in recent polls, Manchin has been leading Republican nominee Patrick Morrissey. But if Manchin voted against Kavanaugh, Morrissey would no doubt use that issue against him in attack ads.

All are running for re-election in states Trump won in 2016 and are caught between pressure from within their party to oppose Kavanaugh and a desire not to anger and mobilize conservative voters in their home states ahead of the November elections.

Even if all Democrats voted against Kavanaugh, two Republicans would have to join them to defeat the nomination, now that the Republican caucus is at full strength, with Jon Kyl filling the seat of John McCain of Arizona, who died last month. If that holds, Chuck Schumer will release red state Democrats who are up this year to vote to confirm, making Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation bipartisan. The centrist Heitkamp won by only 1% in 2012, and in 2018, she is in a very close race with Republican nominee Kevin Cramer-who is painting himself as reliably pro-Trump in the campaign.

Warner's announcement comes one day after both New Hampshire Democratic senators unveiled their opposition to Kavanaugh.

Alex Henderson is a news writer at AlterNet and veteran political journalist.

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