Michael B. Jordan to Play Tom Clancy Hero John Clark


Paramount is now meeting with writers and directors for "Without Remorse". The character first showed up in Clancy's novels (17 of them in total) and has already appeared in multiple Jack Ryan movies already, portrayed first by Willem Dafoe in Clear and Present Danger and later by Liev Schreiber in The Sum of All Fears.

We'll need to doubly emphasize the "Tom Clancy's" part of the title here, because this film is indeed based on the 1998 novel.

Jordan is also reportedly a producer for the film adaptation alongside Josh Appelbaum and Corrin Nemec.

The Clark projects mark Jordan's second film series, along with "Creed", that isn't comic book-related - an impressive feat for any movie star today.

The news comes after Amazon and Paramount TV recently released a rebooted "Jack Ryan" series on its streaming platform, starring John Krasinski, to positive reviews.

As for the upcoming Rainbox Six movies, Akiva Goldsman will be spearheading the new project as the film's main producer.

Without Remorse will follow the novel in setting up the origins of Clark while Rainbow Six will follow the character as he forms the titular multi-national counterterrorism unit the games are based on.

Back in 2012, Tom Hardy was connected to playing Clark, who was born John Kelly in Clancy's lore. Jordan is a talented, charismatic star, and Clark is a good, solid character that hasn't been done to death like Jack Ryan. It's been a long time since he read Rainbow Six, and he now remembers the video games more than the book. Paramount had previously tried to get a Rainbow Six franchise into production, with Ryan Reynolds and Christopher McQuarrie previously attached to star and direct, respectively.

Jordan (Black Panther, Creed) has scored a lead role in a new Tom Clancy-inspired film series at Paramount. What other Clancy stories would you like to see on the big screen?