Missy Elliott Surprises 'Funky White Sister' With 'Work It' Duet


Today, @MissyElliott's funky white sister met her sister.

Last month, the Internet couldn't get enough of Rhode Island resident Mary Halsey, who performed a spirited rendition of Missy Elliott's "Work It" during an event in Goddard Park. Given how it's practically mandatory that all stars of feel good viral clips appear on Ellen, Halsey performed her famous "Work It" cover to the delight of host Ellen DeGeneres and fellow guest Kristen Bell. Of course, DeGeneres had to ask Halsey to sing it for her audience.

Missy Elliott's "Work It" is not a song for the faint of heart: the early-2000s classic rap track has some seriously tongue-twisting lines.

"First I want to thank Ellen for just being incredible she will always be blessed because of her HUGE Heart!,' Missy said on Instagram following the show". "I put it out there and said, 'I wanna go viral, ' but I never thought it would happen'". Halsey seems to have the wind knocked out of her for a few seconds before performing a duet with Elliott.

Explaining her appreciation of Mary's love for her music, Missy said: 'When she said "Missy's funky white sister", I'm like, "Who is this?"

Sitting down for a chat, an overwhelmed Mary admitted: 'I can hardly just sit here, you've blown me away. "I thought it was the most incredible thing". 'She straight killed Work It, sound effects and all.

Later, Halsey got a gift from the Ellen show: a rhinestone-encrusted jacket that read "Missy's funky white sister" on the back.