Papadopoulos: 'My recollection differs' from Jeff Sessions on Russian Federation


Mueller's team had sought a longer six-month sentence.

The former Trump campaign aide appeared on the show Tuesday, four days after he was sentenced as part of his guilty plea to lying to FBI agents investigating Russian election interference. "He was open to the idea and he deferred of course to then senior Senator Jeff Sessions who I remember being quite enthusiastic".

The former adviser said Trump, also present at the meeting, "nodded" at the idea of meeting with Putin.

"I pushed back", Sessions told Congress.

At the same time, he said he recognized that Papadopoulos had "genuine remorse" for "letting himself get caught up".

"My recollection differs from Sen".

While Papadopoulos is planning a move to California to begin his new life supporting his wife's fledgling acting career, he may not be entirely finished with the investigations that led him to prison.

The former Trump campaign aide tried to remind "The View" co-hosts about the "context" of that meeting with Mifsud before they flipped the script on his talking points.

After ordering him to spend two weeks in prison, Moss concluded by saying, "Just the process of having to go to prison will leave a strong impression on him for the rest of his life".

"It seems to me that Mr. Pence is doing the appropriate activity".

According to a sweeping indictment handed up this summer, Russian intelligence had stolen emails from Hillary Clinton's campaign and other Democratic groups by April 2016, the same month Papadopoulos was told by a professor that Russian officials had told him they had "dirt" on Clinton in the form of "thousands of emails".

"At the time of my interview with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, I think three or four days before that, I was at the inauguration attending parties with senior level transition officials", he said on Sunday's episode of ABC's This Week.

Outside the courthouse Friday, Breen said Papadopoulos didn't recall ever telling anyone in the campaign about the fact that Russian Federation had dirt on Clinton in the form of emails.

The defense portrayed Papadopoulos as an eager campaign aide who was in over his head, and pushed back on claims by the prosecution that he had harmed the FBI investigation.

In light of journalist Bob Woodward's upcoming book about turmoil inside the White House and a remarkable op-ed in the New York Times by a "senior administration official" about a "quiet resistance" in the administration, Warner said Mr. Trump is not a president who "understands our system of laws and rule of law".

Papadopoulos, who served as a foreign policy adviser to President Donald Trump's campaign, has been a central figure in the Russian Federation investigation dating back before Mueller's May 2017 appointment.

He also described in vivid detail his experience being arrested shortly after landing at Virginia's Dulles airport, on a flight from Athens.

"I think we'll be hard pressed", Warner said on "Face the Nation".