Pixel 3's new mint colour could be Google's 'kinda' hue this year


That's probably one of the reasons that Google adopted a more conservative approach when it comes to increasing the hype around the upcoming Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

Google even teased the Pixel 3 on its official store recently, and now it has confirmed the official colors of the device. The "G" logo indicates the rear side of the device.

Google seems to be prepping three of those (how fitting for the Pixel 3, right?). The second image hints that the smartphone could get a Black top and a Dark Grey bottom.

The color of the frame also provides some good insight into the colorful button the current Pixels have: the black model has light grey while the white and mint options have neon green.

Last year's Pixel 2 came in black, white, and a pale "kinda blue" shade.

But while the 3 is clearly a reference to the Google Pixel 3, could it be more than that?

With Apple past the post on its smattering of offerings this fall, Google is taking over the attention grabbing with some "scoops" and an October 9 event. While we have seen a ton of leaks regarding the two devices, it looks like Google is starting its campaign to drum up interest, starting a teaser website for the smartphones. And remember, we expect a glass back this time that should feature wireless charging.