Prince William Launches Website Focusing On Mental Health At Work


The Duke of Cambridge, on Tuesday, attended the launch of a new project called Mental Health at Work, set up by two charities namely: Heads Together - which Prince William co-founded with his wife Catherine and Prince Harry - and Mind Charity.

She said: "It's the first time I had ever told an employer about my struggles and it felt like a big deal - I despise discussing my mental health issues and keep my personal and private life incredibly separate. You see [so] many sad things every day that you think life is like that", William said, according to E!

"I think that for the medical community, particularly, must weigh a lot on their minds".

'You're always dealing with despair and with sadness and injury.

"The attrition builds up and you don't really have the opportunity to off-load it". It's really tough work as an air ambulance and search and rescue pilot.

Half of people have experienced a mental health problem in their current job, new research by mental health charity Mind has revealed.

The website, an online gateway to resources, training, and information, allows companies and managers to better understand and support staff that may be struggling at work and remove the stigma when it comes to mental health issues including stress, depression, anxiety as well as manic depression and schizophrenia.

The new website comes as a survey finds that 48 percent of United Kingdom employees have experienced mental health problems in their current job.

He added: "Our experience shows us that, with the right culture of support, employees can experience poor mental health at times, or live with an ongoing mental health condition, and still succeed and thrive at work".

Ms Anderson, who works for East of England Ambulance Service based in Whitham, Essex, said about William: "He feels like a colleague as well as a leader".

For some, the bold decision to speak out about their mental health at work is met with unsatisfactory, even damaging, responses.