PS4's Spider-Man is the web slinging game we've been waiting for


Spider-Man: Far from Home is now shooting in London, and it's been confirmed for a while that Cobie Smulders and Samuel L. Jackson will be reprising their roles as Maria Hill and Nick Fury (respectively).

They are supposed to bring the fans closer to the game, make them want the superhero life even more, and to live the way Peter Parker did, in a new and unbelievable fashion. It's an incredible take on the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, and a spectacular example of how to do a licensed game right. For now, and very likely for the foreseeable future, it appears that Marvel's Spider-Man will remain a PlayStation 4 exclusive release.

Is Tony dead come Spider-Man: Far from Home? And here you'll get to control Peter Parker as he helps Aunt May with F.E.A.S.T. while working on projects for his work. For tips and tricks more on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite. A copy of Marvel's Spider-Man was provided by Sony for review purposes. Comic book fans will fall in love with Insomniac's loving rendition of the webhead's Manhattan, but fans expecting the next God of War might find themselves a little disappointed. Time will tell what fans really think of the game, but its safe to say Insomniac pulled out all the stops for their first game starring everyone's favorite web-head. The gaming history of Spider-Man has been uneven, but this is an awesome entry in that history. This is an absolutely lovely game, with solid combat and a great story. This should be just enough time for players to fully explore NY and its secrets. The characters even sometimes reference beloved (and infamous) bits of Spider-Man history, many of which are way too amusing in-context to spoil in a review.

No other Spider-Man game has made swinging through New York's skyscraper canyons as fun, easy, or spectacular, but much of what we get up to as we explore the city's streets and skyline is a bit too familiar and repetitive. Being able to master these free-flowing moves, via the PlayStation 4 controller's buttons and triggers, will allow Spider-Man players to switch between them efficiently. Will you grab the game as soon as it releases?