Schnucks, Walmart customers can donate to hurricane relief


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Ron Chwojdak of Silver Creek will be helping with logistics in North Carolina while Nicole Roma of Jamestown will be assisting with staffing in SC.

In fact, they expect to be sheltering almost 100,000 people within the next 24 hours.

If you have an Amazon Echo, you can say "Alexa, donate to Hurricane Florence" to donate to the American Red Cross.

"They are part of incident management teams that we have set up that have the expertise that North Carolina asked for", said Stewart.

They've been mobilizing for the past 24 hours to assist in the clean-up efforts.

Other volunteers would already be on location, but Riddle said they had to stay back due to the threat of flooding on the Ohio River from storm-induced rainfall.

The truck they arrived in is called an emergency response vehicle, and it can transport 400-500 meals or haul disaster supplies in bulk.

"Locally, we have multiple volunteers - as many as 80 to 100 people - who are on standby in Lima and Allen County", Stemen said.

The donations will be forwarded directly to the American Red Cross.

"I love being able to support out disaster volunteers this way". The Red Cross honors donor intent.

You can also donate through the state's North Carolina Disaster Relief Fund. The best way to ensure your donation will go to a specific disaster is to write the specific disaster name in the memo line of a check.

"Preparation is our Hallmark we sent volunteers in place long before this storm began", said Red Cross regional public relations manager Colin Williams.

Those in affected areas are urged to make an appointment now to give blood or platelets to help maintain the nation's blood supply.

Blood donations are also critical during this time.

Those wanting to donate can visit to find the nearest blood drive.