Tesla shares dive after two executives quit and Elon Musk cannabis interview


Tesla CEO and certified loose cannon Elon Musk has frightened nervous investors yet again, after appearing on a live stream of comedian Joe Rogan's podcast and smoking a big fat joint.

Tesla was not immediately available for comment - but investors apparently weren't giddy over the Musk toke.

Oh, and they also smoked a blunt together and threw back some whiskey!

Aside from the weed, Musk also touted a couple weapons on the show's set, including a flamethrower and a Katana that Rogan claims is hundreds of years old.

Shortly after smoking, Musk looks at his phone and laughs, telling Rogan he was getting texts from friends asking why he was smoking weed during the interview.

"C'mon, man. You probably can't because of stockholders, right?"

Tesla's chief accounting officer, Dave Morton, said he was leaving the company after considering the level of attention Tesla has received and the "pace within the company".

Elon Musk talked about artifical intelligence and colonising space during the long interview.

And the stock dropped more than 6 percent Friday to close at $263.24 a share - its lowest point since March of previous year. Not only did Musk not have any kind of written funding deal, many Tesla investors saw little upside in approving a deal that would reduce Tesla's transparency and the liquidity of Tesla stock.

Mr Morton said he still believes strongly in Tesla's "mission and future prospects" and has "no disagreements with Tesla's leadership or its financial reporting".

Musk has security clearance because another of his companies, SpaceX, provides satellite launch services to the US government. He took leave from the company in 2015 but rejoined to work on the Semi truck revealed in November of a year ago.

The promotions follow what have been a tumultuous few weeks for Musk, an increasingly mercurial chief executive who got himself into some hot water last month with a proposal to take Tesla private. But Tesla has said that the departures are at a rate typical of any large company. Marijuana is legal for medical and recreational use in California, where the interview was recorded. USA regulator the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is investigating whether the tweets may have violated USA securities law, according to a report in August by Fox Business Network, citing sources.

Separately, human resources chief Gabrielle Toledano told Bloomberg she planned to exit the company, rather than return from a leave of absence.

The stock was down close to 1% in pre-market trade. In July, he tweeted that a British diver who helped with the rescue of a Thai soccer team trapped in a cave was a "pedo guy".

Musk has been picking other fights, deriding the media and, during a May conference call to discuss first-quarter earnings, cutting off several analysts, dismissing their questions as "boring".