The Listeriosis Outbreak is officially over, South Africans rejoice


"Today's announcement means that ready-to-eat processed meat can now be safely consumed, as before the outbreak", he said.

The National Institute for Communicable Diseases also identified listeria at RCL's Rainbow Foods, resulting in a recall of all ready-to-eat processed meat products from the facility. "Subsequent to this, on 5 April 2018, the World Health Organisation increased technical support to South Africa and enabled the country to contain the outbreak and strengthened health systems to prevent future outbreaks".

The NCID's team tasked with finding the source of the outbreak worked relentlessly for months, taking no time off, starting workdays at 05:30 and facing "hectic exhaustion".

Nearly 900 environmental health practitioners from every health district in South Africa have been retrained in factory inspections, food safety systems, and testing of factories for Listeria.

Not a single factory‚ except Tiger Brands‚ had the ST6 strain of listeria that caused the outbreak.

He said that the department has alerted municipalities to conduct inspections on fake food.

The government investigation traced the outbreak to two food-processing factories in the country, prompting a recall of 5,812 tonnes of affected food stuffs since March. This ongoing process is expected to continue into September 2018.

On Monday, Motsoaledi announced the end of the listeriosis outbreak, saying that there has not been a new case reported in the last three months. This is why health officials have declared the outbreak officially over.

The Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi on Monday announced that the outbreak of listeriosis in South Africa was over.

Every factory in the country‚ a total of 157‚ that makes processed meat has been inspected by WHO health inspectors and environmental health inspectors.