Unofficial iPhone Xr video showcases Apple's most intriguing phone of 2018


At the time, many suspected (including ourselves) Rambo had somehow snapped the pictures of these unreleased products from Apple's live event test stream, which was taking place that day.

Apple has given the Oval Office a run for its money in the past few weeks - we've had an unprecedented number of leaks ahead of the firm's annual product launch. As far as they see it, there's no point in technology for technology's sake - a philosophy has been validated year after year.

Last year, it was the iPhone's 10-year anniversary, and fans were expecting a reinvention of the device.

This news seems to meet the already known iPhone.

The new model would seem to fill a longstanding demand by Apple fans for a relatively low-cost Mac laptop, but one that comes without the Touch Bar.

Anticipation is not almost as high this time around.

"Apple's decision to launch three iPhone devices this week is a strategic move to regain footing in multiple areas of the mobile market", he said. The list includes the iPhone 9, the iPhone 9 Plus, the iPhone XS Max, the iPhone 6.1 and so and so forth.

Alleged leaks of the Pixel 3 point to a large notch.

The new iPhone line-up will reportedly feature a refreshed version of the iPhone X - first introduced a year ago, alongside a larger-screen device and a cheaper iPhone that will also feature the iPhone X's all-screen front panel and Face ID technology.

Apple's stock price went up dramatically when the company revealed the average selling price of an iPhone was going up.

The iPhone X became the first mass-market smartphone to sell for $1,000, and now Apple is upping the ante again. Twelve months on, the answer to "will people spend that much on an iPhone?" is, according to sales figures, an emphatic "yes". The device hasn't seen the blockbuster sales some might have expected since its launch in 2015 but it's comfortably the biggest-selling smartwatch on the market. By contrast, we already know nearly everything about the Apple phones, tablets, and watches that are expected to get introduced tomorrow. But Kuo expects the company to launch it before the end of the year.

It is still just a rumor, with a good basis of credibility, but there are those who are pointing out that the tech giant Apple will present a novelty that will completely change the universe of the iPad and even the other equipment of the brand. Most likely he didn't share how he found them, to prevent other publications from replicating his scoop.