Volkswagen to discontinue Beetle, Final Edition set for 2019


An electric version of the Beetle has been speculated, but a detailed response from Volkswagen is yet awaited. Perhaps it can take another in its stride.

Volkswagen recently introduced 2019 MY of Beetle in the USA and a VIN deciphering document revealed that lineup includes "Final Edition" but the company is yet to make an official announcement.

The Beetle's demise was announced in March but it was unclear at the time how long the stay of execution would last.

The Beetle was introduced in Nazi Germany in 1938, after Adolf Hitler had asked automotive engineer Ferdinand Porsche to design a people's auto (Volkswagen in German).

He also added that while there are "no immediate plans" to replace the Beetle, that he could "never say never".

Available either coupe or convertible bodies in SE or SEL trim levels, the Beetle Final Edition can be swathed in two exclusive colors or one of three paint shades shared with the rest of the Beetle line.

Safari Uni and Stonewashed Blue are unique colors offered on the Final Edition Beetle models.

This isn't the first time Volkswagen has ceased USA produciton of the Beetle.

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess has been a driving force behind the slimmed down product portfolio since he took over the main VW vehicle brand in 2015.

The design would find global fame in the 1960s and '70s in films featuring Herbie the Love Bug, a racing vehicle with a mind of its own.

Volkswagen Beetle began its journey in 1938 and since then the company has sold more than 33 million units around the world.

Next year, the vehicle was unveiled for the first time at Berlin Motor Show. Two decades after U.S. sales were discontinued, VW revamped the signature rounded body in a new form with the production of the "New Beetle", complete with built-in flower vase. The iconic vehicle in its Final Edition will be available with both bodystyles, a coupe and a cabriolet and will be available in special body colours to mark the end of the era.

Surrounded by fuel-emission scandals since 2006, Volkswagen persisted with models such as Jetta, Tiguan and Bettle and shipping cars from its Mexican factory, but dipping worldwide sales and consumer preferance for electric-cars have forced the German brand to brain-storm on a newer strategy.