White House slams talk of 25th Amendment to remove President Trump


The White House said today that they're not making a determination of what crime may have been committed when asking the Justice Department to investigate who wrote the mysterious op-ed criticizing the Trump administration from within.

Last July, The Times reported that USA banking regulators were reviewing the hundreds of millions of dollars in loans Deutsche Bank made to Trump over the past two decades.

Bob Woodward's book, Fear: Trump In The White House, will be available in U.S. bookshops on Tuesday after a week of excerpts, leaks and interviews that portray the president as dangerously erratic and uninformed.

"The idea that the Secretary of Defense has to tell the president that all of these actions are created to prevent the ultimate catastrophe", Woodward said.

"With the White House engulfed in its own set of controversies, the one-two punch of Bob Woodward's book and the searing anonymous New York Times op-ed, President Trump's closest allies are launching a new counter-attack against, what they call, disgruntled employees", MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell reported.

Pressed on the matter later in the White House briefing, Sanders said that she couldn't identify the law or laws that were allegedly broken, saying she wasn't an attorney. As excerpts of the book leaked, Trump's top presidential advisers felt moved to voluntarily release statements denying certain stories and quotes attributed to them. "They are often the only way that the public learns about fraud or abuse, and they serve an important watchdog function.But the fact that "Anonymous" proudly proclaims there are "adults in the room" holding the line against the president's worst impulses moves us from whistleblower to an unelected and unaccountable shadow presidency by committee".

Trump waged Twitter war on Woodward, calling the journalist who helped expose the Watergate scandal a "Dem operative" and a liar who "makes up stories". "I remember going to one general's house, he opened the door - we didn't have an appointment, I was afraid I might get shot".

"The things-some of the things-that Trump did and does jeopardizes the real national security", Woodward said. "And the USA "must stop payments to Pakistan until they cooperate", Trump said.

"These are people who are trying to survive and keep their job". Woodward is a Dem operative? However the President resigned on August 9, 1974.

He noted that Ben Bradlee, the legendary Washington Post editor and his old boss, used to say, "The truth emerges". Woodward has written 18 books in total, covering nine Presidents of the United States including books on Barack Obama, George W Bush, Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon.