YouTube launches new gaming section and scraps YouTube Gaming app


YouTube Gaming launched in 2015 as Google's answer to Twitch, which had been bought out by Amazon in 2014. In addition to these features, the new YouTube Gaming webpage will host separate pages for individual games, which users can subscribe to on their own. Instead, the feature set from YouTube Gaming will now be accessible through a new portal within the main YouTube website. At the same time, the company announced plans to discontinue its standalone YouTube Gaming app after three years. You can search for a specific game, and the popular titles will have dedicated pages where visitors can find live streams, other titles from the same publisher, and other popular videos. According to Variety citing App Annie data, Twitch's Android app was the 15th most popular entertainment app on Google's Play Store while YouTube Gaming was at number 283.

Google will cater the suggested videos to you based on what it thinks you want to see, just like with regular YouTube videos, so the more you watch the better its suggestions will become.

"The problem is, if you didn't have the app, or you weren't using the gaming hub to kind of like discover this content, creators weren't as discoverable". You can watch all the same content, and if you get bored with the fifty millionth Fortnite video, you can click over to your recommended daily dose of cute kitten videos from the same location and refresh yourself.

To help out the smaller channel, YouTube will also show "On the Rise", which will highlight creators on both the Trending and Gaming destinations. And even though Ninja is known for his Twitch content, he is also the fastest growing gaming creator on YouTube, uploading his stream VOD's to his channel.

YouTube also promises to highlight up-and-coming game streamers and content creators on a weekly basis, starting this week in the United States and then rolling out to other countries in the coming months.