30 injured when clubhouse floor collapses at Clemson apartment complex


People were under other people. Reports say many people were taken to local hospitals with injuries but none were considered life-threatening.

Authorities are now investigating why the floor caved in.

At least 30 party attendees were injured early Sunday when a floor collapsed at an apartment complex near Clemson University in SC, sending guests falling several feet into a clubhouse basement, authorities said.

People are hurt. People are bleeding.

It is understood numerous people at the party attended nearby Clemson University.

Some 30 people were taken to three area hospitals, ABC news reported.

Shocking footage shot from the inside the party showed people jumping while they danced just as the floor collapsed.

"It was insane", Pearson said.

"You've got people that are trying to have a good time, trying to enjoy themselves.then the next thing they know the floor collapses", said Chief Jimmy Dixon with the Clemson Police Department. The center of the floor at a clubhouse collapsed into the basement, police said. Ambulances were quickly called to the scene.