Bigg Boss 12: Dipika vs. Deepak in ‘Ghoda Gaadi’ luxury budget task


As a part of the task, Dipika and Deepak have to convince the "horses" (contestants) to cover maximum distance on a treadmill and collect the carrots, which have been tied to it.

Sreesanth, the former Indian cricket team fast bowler has been embracing some weird game tactics after his re-entry to the Bigg Boss 12 house last weekend. Currently, a luxury budget task is underway in the glass walled house. Sreesanth asks Saurabh to pack his stuff and send it- as he is about to leave.

The next morning, the contestants woke up to the song 'Romeo Naam Mera Chori Hai Kaam Mera', indicating Bigg Boss' plans for the day. He climbs over the jail's roof while Dipika tries to stop him. Each contestant is working hard to ensure that they cover the maximum distance. In one such incident, Deepak made a decision to hide the horse cap which the contestants had to wear before stepping on the treadmill. Meanwhile, we will witness yet another fight between Sreesanth and Surbhi. He even spat on Deepak's name, enraging everyone in the house. They got into an ugly brawl where Urvashi broke down and other contestants supported her. She said that Sreesanth suffers from a mental imbalance and that's why he was behaving weird on such a big platform. She in turn tells him that he will be disqualified if he does it. Sreesanth comes to know about it and tells Deepak to return the cap, but the latter pretends like he does not know anything.

On the other hand, Sreesanth is bent on exposing Dipika Kakar in front of all. This majorly irked Deepak who felt insulted and started crying. Sreesanth talk to Dipika about Karanvir playing for himself. When matters started heating up, Sreesanth spits on Deepak's board to erase his name, angering the rest of the housemates.

In a conversation with Anup Jalota, Sreesanth shared an incident post the world cup win, where during an interview there was no mention of him or appreciation of his performance until Sachin Tendulkar pointed him out and went onto praise him.

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