Edmonton Girl Guide sells out of cookies in cannabis store lineup


Elina's dad, Sean Childs, told Daily Hive that he had a hunch there would be massive lines outside the Nova Cannabis shop on the first day of legalization.

On Wednesday, it took a 9-year-old Canadian girl less than 45 minutes to sell every box of Girl Guide cookies she had to customers lining up outside a marijuana dispensary in Edmonton, according to Global News.

After recreational marijuana became legal in Canada on Wednesday, long lines were common outside stores as people lined up to buy cannabis.

Elina Childs, 9, hadn't had much luck selling her treats in the past, and was even bitten by a dog as she tried to sell the snacks in her neighbourhood in Edmonton.

Her father, Seann Childs, said they sold cookies going door to door in their neighbourhood previous year, but people often weren't home or there would be big dogs in the yards. Do they think people ride the subway and wait for buses for fun?

Nationwide, the first day of legalized marijuana was a hit with many people in Canada, which became the first industrialized nation to legalize marijuana. She sold out in 45 minutes.

She started walking up and down the lineup. A Girl Scouts Brownie - and budding entrepreneur - knew exactly where her best sales would come from.

He and his wife talked to Elina and she thought it was a good idea.

"She actually has cystic fibrosis, so we encourage her to get out there and do things and be active", Childs said.

She and her dad loaded up a wagon with three cases of Girl Guide cookies and they walked a few blocks to the nearby cannabis store. But Childs said he saw it as an opportunity for her to benefit from smoking for one day - and demystify cannabis legalization.