Google Maps on Android can now share trip progress via other apps


The feature was recently updated for Android users back in August and now it can be used from an iPhone, as well.

Google has added a new feature to Google Maps for iOS: the ability to send an ETA to someone else. Just tap the ^ button once you've begun a trip, and a list of frequent contacts will pop up. Moreover, Google announced that the latest update brings support for third-party apps, which means that you can share your ETA across three apps: Facebook Messenger, Line, and WhatsApp.

There's an obvious benefit to the feature: users can keep track of someone whose trip may otherwise be concerning.

The process of accessing the feature is much the same as it was before.

Journey sharing is rolling out for driving, walking, and cycling navigation on Android and iOS for those of you in "mixed" households. After sharing, your chosen contacts will be able to watch your progress in real time via Maps, and then sharing automatically ends. You can also stop sharing manually as well. We've already gotten the update, so if you don't see it yet you may have to update Google Maps on your phone first.