HTC Exodus 1 price, specifications, features, comparison


The handset looked promising in teasers and announcements that preceded the phone's launch, but if you were hoping that HTC invented some sort of new operating system, based exclusively on blockchain technology, then you'll be disappointed to find out the Exodus 1 is still an Android handset.

HTC introduces its first blockchain - enabled smartphone dubbed as Exodus 1 that allows the device to be the safest smartphone to store keys which belongs to cryptocurrency.

"It basically is a wallet, but the wallet, what it does is hold your private keys."

HTC's decentralized chief officer, Phil Chen, told CoinDesk that the company is hoping to get feedback from the blockchain community about the early-access version in order to improve upon the device. The Taiwanese manufacturer also states that it has made its own cryptocurrency wallet Zion that will be working with the latest smartphone. HTC said that a "Social Key Recovery mechanism" allows keys to be recovered if the phone is stolen. He also said that Exodus 1 is a foundation element of the crypto internet and for digital assets and decentralized apps to reach their potential there believe that mobile will be the main point of distribution.

Being a blockchain phone, the Exodus 1 can be purchased only for crypto. According to the company's executive, Blockchain will be using centralized applications and programs in order to keep private data separate from Google's operating system.

The HTC Exodus 1 is powered by octa-core processor and it comes with 6GB of RAM. "The HTC EXODUS 1 is about getting the consumer used to owning their own keys and going from there to develop the EXODUS into a device that can be for the broader market". The phone will be available across 34 countries but is not expected to be shipped until early-December. Also in the works are plans to push a software development kit (SDK) for its wallet for partners who will help HTC expand its blockchain ecosystem. It's running on Android Oreo right now, and packs a 3500 mAh battery with 16 megapixel dual rear cameras, just in case you'd want to know.