Kaduna Governor imposes 24-hour curfew on Kasuwan Magani


The February violence was over an alleged abduction and conversion of some Christian girls by Muslims in the community.

The spokesman said that some prominent personalities kidnapped during the violence have also been rescued and reunited with their families.

At least 55 people were confirmed killed in the Kasuwar Magani violence that had a religious undertone.

The tolls of people who have been killed in a clash between Hausa and Adara youths at Kasuwan Magani, Kajuru Local Government Area of Kaduna State has reached 35.

Before you know it pandemonium broke out and Thursday was the market day.

The president expressed concern that Nigerians were too frequently resorting to violence over misunderstandings that could be resolved peacefully.

"No culture and religion supports the disregard for the sanctity of life", he said, adding that "peaceful coexistence is necessary for the progress of any society and its well-being".

Without harmony between different groups, "our everyday businesses would be impossible to achieve", the president said.

"Violence can not be an alternative to peace".

He called on community leaders to encourage tolerance and stop such discord before it could develop into violence.

A similar crisis erupted in February in the area and left more than 10 people dead and hundreds of shops and residences burnt.

Ahmad Abdur-Rahman, in a telephone interview, said the clashes between two communities in the Kasuwan Magani area of southern Kaduna had led to 22 arrests.