Lyft's monthly subscription service gives you 30 rides for $300


Coming on the heels of Bird and Lime's launching bike and electric scooter shares in Tacoma, Lyft has started an "All Access" subscription service so customers can set up a monthly payment option for their ride shares.

That represents a monthly savings of $149 for frequent users compared to a la carte charges, but riders pay the difference for trips that cost more than $15.

Meanwhile, if you go over the allotted monthly 30-ride total, you can get another 5 percent off additional Lyfts.

Gary Gastelu is's Automotive Editor. As such, you'll want to do the math to find the break even point if you don't think you'll consume 30 rides per month.

Lyft's All-Access plan is priced at $299 per month. Unused rides don't roll over. Starting today, passengers can subscribe to the plan.

The plan applies to all ride types, including Lyft XL offering room for up to six passengers, Lyft Lux for high-end cars, Lux Black for "an ultra-high-end black vehicle piloted by a top driver", and Lux Black XL for a luxury SUV with room for six. Available to everyone in the USA by the end of the week, Lyft's All-Access Plan lets you plunk down a chunk of change each month for access to "free" rides. At $300 per month, though, it might feel like an obligation to use the service every single day.

The idea is to encourage users to ditch their own cars in favor of Lyft. Wonder if the clock is ticking before Uber introduces something similar.