Apple Launches iPhone X Replacement Program for Unresponsive Displays


Credit: Tom's GuideLate yesterday (Nov. 9), Apple posted a support note confirming that the screens some of iPhone X models either aren't responsive to touch or may respond intermittently.

Any iPhone X owners out there affected by this touch issue with their display? Or, the display might react even though it was not touched.

First up is the iPhone X, recently discontinued after the launch of the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR.

Apple blames the problem on a component that may fail on the iPhone X's display module. You can either make an appointment with a service provider or your local Apple Store, or you can contact Apple Support to find out about mailing in your phone for service.

As with every fix program, Apple says you can take an affected iPhone X into an Apple Store, or an authorized Apple fix shop, or send it to Apple direct in the mail. Apple says it will examine any iPhone to make sure its eligible for the free fix. If you fixed it yourself - perhaps using the excellent guides over at iFixit - then you're not entitled to a refund, but you do get to bask in the glory of carrying out the fix yourself.

Got a problem with your iPhone X or 13-inch MacBook Pro laptop? You can check if your model is eligible on the web, and get Apple to swap out the drive for you, again free of charge. Specific units with 128GB or 256GB SSDs have a problem that could cause data loss and failure, so Apple says it will need to update firmware on the drives.

If you're unsure whether or not your MacBook Pro is covered, you can enter its serial number on Apple's website to see if it is or isn't.