Ariana Grande Receives First Number One Single with 'Thank U, Next'


In fact, all of the lessons she's learned have to do with her own well-being.

She also responded to a fan's message and said, "I honestly wouldn't have been able to continue at all or process any of it as well without u as my motivation".

Thankfully, Ariana Grande didn't seem to mind the confusion. He might not have known that "thank u, next" was the title of a song, but he is aware of who Grande is.

Grande has landed 10 previous singles in the top 10, and in 2014 she took "Problem" all the way to #2, but it took her unconventional post-breakup dispatch "thank u, next" to get her to the summit.

The instantly catchy chorus propels the song, with the titular lyrics "thank u, next" repeated over again until Grande sings the powerful words, "I'm so f*ckin' grateful for my ex". Then, not much more than a month later, Grande and Pete Davidson broke up after having gotten engaged this past summer.

Grande celebrated the news Monday on social media, writing "yeeeeeee baby's first number one" on Twitter shortly before nodding to future releases by tweeting "thank u, next". In another tweet shared Sunday, Grande thanked her producers, AKA her "best friends who have helped [her] turn the literal sourest of lemons into the sweetest pink *ss lemonade ever". Or - perhaps more likely - another surprise banger, maybe?